Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Only 40 Days To Go..

  So lent starts today. I always try & give something up. (I always fail, but I'm determined this time to do it!) Problem is, I've picked quite a hard thing to give up, chocolate. This might not seem hard to some of you, but I seriously eat sooo much, it's insane. Everytime I feel like a snack, it'll be chocolate. Either biscuits, cake, a chocolate bar, chocolate mousse, etc. I'm just as bad with drinking tea actually, tea & chocolate is my heaven. : ) But I refuse to give up both!

  It's really sunny again today, but still cold. Maybe I'm just wimp but I'm still wearing as many layers as I was 2 months ago!

  What do you all think of this dress?

  It's gorgeous right? I was browsing through the New Look website & found it for £30. I love it! The floral colours & style make it so Summery. Mmm.. that's another item to add to my list.. It's getting longer by the day. I'm starting to think I should have given up buying clothes for lent, that really would be impossible for me though!


  1. I've never tried giving up anything for lent. The only thing I could try give up is coffee, but I don't think I'd last more than a couple of days.

  2. Hi, I’m a new follower:) you commented on a blog I follow and I thought I’d check out your blog! I KNOW LENT! Happy Ash Wednesday! Chocolate…boy that’s a hard one…I gave up coffee once….SERIOUSLY INSANE (dont try it "Lace n Coffee")! This year I’m giving shopping….that’s going to be HARD! Good luck to you lady! And I love that dress…I love the cute flowers on the sleeve and the adorable ruffles at the bottom.

  3. Good luck with giving up chocolate for lent! I've never tried to give anything up, i don't think i'd have the willpower! I have to agree, i love that dress - its so pretty and i love the print! xx

  4. The dress is great! And it would be perfect for spring and summer. Good thing you didn't give up buying clothes...then you couldn't get this beauty!!

    I'm following you! :)


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