Monday, 21 March 2011


  Afternoon lovelies! Today is beautiful isn't it? I think it's warmer outside than inside my house at the moment, great excuse to go walking & taking pictures. Here is what I wore yesterday on a relaxing Sunday. (Yeah - farm girl at heart!)

Top, Headscraf & Shorts - Primark, Wellies - Rydale. Necklace - Charity shop.

  I'm loving bird print at the moment as you can probably see from previous posts as well as this one. Oh, guess how much these shorts cost? ...£1! Down from £10! I just had to have them. They come with detachable braces, I can't decide if I like them or not, but I decided to pair it with this top & wellies. (So so so muddy where I walk my dogs as you can see!) They are actually so soft. Only thing I will say about them is they are a little big, I got them in a size that would usually fit me snugly round the waist, so I'd recommend trying them on before buying. Apart from that, I'm pretty damn happy with them.

  How was every one's weekend? : )


  1. you really do pull of the suspender look! :D and aw i wish there was a close-up of your necklace, it looks so interesting but i can't quite tell what it is ❤

  2. If you have a look here:

    I featured it in a previous post. :)
    Click on the necklace to enlarge it & you'll be able to see it up close. :)

  3. Cat, Cat, Cat! I love this outfit and this photoshoot!!!!! Totally my faborite so far!!! I wish I could pull off suspenders!

  4. aw! i love the outfit, darling!


  5. I adore your outfit you are so cute! And your blog is adorable, following :):)

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment :) I absolutely adore this outfit - it's a wonder what you can find in Primark! Gutted there isn't one near my uni!
    Thanks for following :) xxx


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