Friday, 12 August 2011

A Few Bits Here & There..

Hello girls. How are you all? : )

How annoying is it when you buy something, go back into the same shop the next day & find the item you bought, at full price, has now moved to the sale section & is half price. Urgh.

ANYWAY, what do you think of these gorgeous items:

Gold bow ring - £4 (even though technically it's in the sale now for £2!)

Feather necklace - £2

Feather necklace - £2 (down from £10!)

These were all from Dorothy Perkins. I absolutely love the black & gold feather necklace, I've seen some people's hauls on youtube showing some feather earrings from Primark that would match this perfectly. Also the price! £2!

I've got a meal tomorrow night with my girls to celebrate Lorna's birthday, haven't decided what to wear yet, kinda depends on the weather to be honest. I've got a beautiful Summer dress waiting to be worn but it's just not warm enough. :(

Hope you've all had a good week, any plans for the weekend? : D


  1. I Love the ring and the gold and black necklace...What a bargain!! :o)

    take care

    Nats. xx

  2. your blog is lovely. i am now following. i hope you can follow back.

  3. Dotty P's have another sale on?! They always have fab offers in their jewellery sales

  4. fantastic finds! im loving the bow ring :D xx misstea & co.

  5. I love that necklace, cant believe it was £2, great find! sale jewellery is always amazing, annoying though if you buy it full price a few days before though :/ xxx

  6. great ring! it's so cute and classy!:)


  7. OMG I love the feather necklace, what a bloody bargain!
    I've been having some major fascination with feathers lately - well freaky! well jewlerry feathers anyway not going around picking off ducks feathers haaha dont worry I'm not that weird :)

  8. the ring is amazing! i love it completely!

  9. I too am loving that feather necklace, what a bargain as well. And yes, it is sooo annoying when you buy something full price then all of a sudden it goes on sale, grr! xx

  10. The feather necklace is gorgeous.

  11. what a pretty blog :D! I love all of these pieces, you have great taste!

    xxx irinja (


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