Saturday, 27 August 2011

Update #2

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Evening lovelies. : )

It's only 4 days till I go on holiday now! Eeee! I actually can't contain my excitement. This picture just made me squee, I can't wait to spend long, hot, sunny days laying on the beach. I think I've got all my clothes & stuff sorted, just not packed anything yet. This will only be my second time flying, so I'm quite nervous. Oh & remember, if you want to guest post for me, you only have till tomorrow to send me your posts! E-mail me them to this address:

& I want to say a huge thankyou to Rach, from So, hi, who featured me on her blog a couple of days ago in this post. If you aren't already a follower of hers, go check her out. She's doing a guest post for me while I'm away over the next two weeks too, so make sure you read that one as well.

My boyfriend & I finally made it to the Science Museum on Wednesday & we had such a good day. There was so much random stuff there, it was amazing. (Being the boy he is, he had to race the children to each button & press it while having his face pressed up against the glass to see what was happening by pressing said button). So funny to watch. : )

I'm off out tonight to the pub with my friends. The only part of my outfit I've got sorted is my shoes. My new black wedges are coming out for their first night out! I feel like a parent dropping their kid off at school on the first day! So excited, but scared for them too. If anyone spills a drop of alcohol on them, I will scream. LOUD. : D

Hope you're all well, I know I'm terrible at keeping up with all your blogs at the moment, but I promise I'll go through them all before I go on holiday. Make sure you check out Bethany's giveaway too, she is such an amazing girl & has the most beautiful style. : )

Hope you're having a good week. : )


  1. I love the Science Museum, I haven't been for ages, I really must go again soon! Hehe I get like that with new shoes too, hope yours make it through the night unscathed! xx

  2. Thank you !
    Have fun on your vacation (:
    I wish I could stay lay on the beach.. but my sun days are over !

  3. Thanks for you lovely comment! And i went to a place near Malaga which is in the south of spain!! It was really hot there!! Hope you have a lovely holiday!! xx


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