Thursday, 4 August 2011

Yesterday #2

£2 canvas - charity shop

Evening girls. : )

I got this little canvas about a month ago from a local charity shop & it's now proudly pinned up on my bedroom wall. It's so cute, when I get my own house I'm definitely filling it with cute vintage items like this.

Had an amazing day yesterday. I  actually did a "follow me round" video but haven't had a chance to upload it yet. I went to Cathy's late afternoon, then swimming with Leia & then finally met up with the boys & went to the cinema & for a meal in Chiquitos. We saw Horrible Bosses (second time for me) & I laughed even more. Love that film so much.

Today I've spent with my boy, he's just gone to work for the evening so I'll be picking him up in a couple of hours time. I'm going to Cathy's tomorrow to bake some cakes. Yum yum. Hopefully I'll remember to take photos during us baking this time. I always remember once we've finished.. -sigh-

Omg found this girl's blog & she's amazing. Why did no one ever tell me about her before!? : D 

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  1. fantasstic blog!

    Klaudia B.

  2. Cute canvas!
    I want to go see Horrible Bosses now!
    Teenage Daydreams

  3. ooh, look forward to the video! seriously cute canvas!


  4. oooo i love this canvas... you can find the best things in charity shops >.<

    i want to see horrible bosses, think a trip to the cinema is in order =)


  5. the canvas is really lovely, what a great find! :p I've heard lots of positives about that film, might have to go and see it! xx

  6. what a lovely DIY idea !
    Love, Juls xx!/JulsBirkin

  7. very nice blog :)

    would be a pleasure if you visit me on my blog too!


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