Monday, 29 August 2011

London Science Museum

Hello girls. : ) 

Here's a few pics from the other day when I went with Gords to the Science Museum in London. : )

This was amazing. It was a large world that rotated & changed colours to show climate change.

Neil Armstrong. : )

This train was called Puffing Billy. How cute is that. : )

This dress was made entirely of Metro newspapers! : )

This was so hard to take a picture of without any children playing on it. (Or Gordon for that matter). It's a animated floor. When you stepped on it, it rippled like real water & the fish went mad! : )

This is probably the hardest thing to explain. It was a black wall with little lights on & it was "The sound of the internet". It was actually the highlight of our day. Imagine a robot voice reading out random phrases from a dating chat room. This is basically what was happening, but it wasn't monitored, so anything could come out. The best one "I like my nipples bitten". Hahaha, how immature are we?! So funny to see parents running to put their hands over their kids ears & rushing them out the room!

I love this clock. It was hanging on a wall & everytime a second went by, it moved it's little legs & turned the clock. I can see why you'd be freaked out if you're not a fan of creepy crawlies, but this was awesome. : )

Anyway, I've now sorted all the guest posts out, thankyou to everyone who sent me one! They'll be posted over the next two weeks while I'm away. 2 days! I'm so excited. Hope you're all well. : )


  1. That is such a cool museum! I wish we had one like that here.

  2. those animated floors are so good aren't they? we found one in Edinburgh and you could play football and have fish swimming all over. I think we scared most of the kids off it in the end lol

  3. wow it looks amazing, I'd love to go there! xx


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