Sunday, 17 March 2013

Life At The Moment #35

Baby & her doughnut / Steak & blowjob day conversation with Elisa ; ) / Moustache ring / Glamourrrr / New bedding / & new heart decoration for my room / Lunch date with the boy / Honey hiding in my bed / Bedtime in the boy's clothes / Baby looking out the window of my car, her ears are so cute / Another snow day.. / Snow day #2 / Mother's day card from Honey! / Testing out my cat ears / Visiting Boopsie / New mug! / Cafe Nerd with Gem / Birthday ring from Gail / "Play with me I'm cute" / Racoon socks.

Last weekend, myself & my girls headed up to Shropshire to celebrate my best friend's 22nd birthday in style. It was fancy dress, so we all had ridiculous outfits (mine was very un-original as I got told many a time, but I wanted to wear my new top! Fair enough right?) so I went as a cat. We had to go as something beginning with either our first or second name. Gemma went as a geek, Cathy managed to get away with being an octopus (as there is a posh name for octopus beginning with c) & Boop went as a burlesque dancer. We also had random ones like Spock, The Mad Hatter & even a Professor Snape! Such a good laugh.
This week I had a couple of days off, which I spent curled up in bed feeling ill & sorry for myself. Luckily I have the best little doggy & man in my life who spent the days keeping me sane, bringing me tea & lots of cuddles. I've just been left with a nasty cough now so I'm back to work & chilling when I can.
How are you all lovelies? Hope you're all having lazy Sundays!

Oh & I don't really know what's going on with GFC atm, but I've made a Bloglovin' account just incase, (about time really!) so if you like, give me a follow on there incase the rumours are true. : )


  1. ahh those socks are so cute!! (as is Honey <3 ) xx

  2. Mothers day card is lovely! so cute x - lifestyle blog

  3. Cutest socks ever! I would have no idea what I'd go as- maybe a frog, a fairy or a friend and then I can just wear normal clothes haha #terribleatcostumeparties

    1. Awwwwh babe a fairy sounds good! xx


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