Monday, 4 July 2011

Accessorize Sale!

Hello girls! How are you all?

I thought I'd show you the two gorgeous items I picked up in the Accessorize sale this week. 50% off! I usually don't shop in there because it's quite expensive, but I always pop in if they have a sale. (Oh & just after Christmas, you get some really good discounts!)

So first is this purse, I'm in love!

It's sad to say I've had the same purse for maybe, 3 / 4 years? & it's a Hello Kitty one. You can tell it's had good use, it's face has completely worn away! This was originally £15 down to £7.50. Bargain!

& secondly this pocket mirror. (My best friend actually treated me to this, thanks Cathy!)

So cute isn't it? That was £3.50 down from £7.

Today is another beautiful day, I'm lovin' all the sun at the moment. Shame I have to potter off to work in a bit. & oh yes! I've made my first button. You can see it at the side, yes, over there, just to the side, the right hand side, see it? ; D

Right, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine before I have to start getting ready. Hope you're having a wonderful day! : )


  1. Wow these are both adorable. Certainly for a floral addict like myself. And great for half price.

  2. i love, love love that purse, its something i'd buy!

    what a great bargin :)


  3. I got some gorgeous hair accessories in their sale at the weekend, they had some smashing products down to half price!

  4. These are adorable, that floral print is lovely :)

  5. lovely pieces, i love the wallet with flower print! <3



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