Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dragon's Egg

Just want to start by saying, thankyou for your all beautiful comments you left on my previous post, they meant alot to me. : )

So, on to my actual post. The other day I bought another bath bomb from Lush called Dragon's Egg. You might have seen my other post about another bath bomb they have, called Mrs Whippy I wrote a few weeks back. I love Lush bath bombs, you never know what to expect when you pop them in the bath! So here's what happened.. : )

Packaging / the bath bomb before it got wet!
The bath bomb when it went in the bath
When I first put the bath bomb into the water - it produced alot of white foam & fizzed around in circles. You can see in the right hand picture, the orange colour starting to come through.

This next bit was the best ever, yes I squealed. : )

The bomb started to fizz around like a little rocket leaving a golden trail of bubbles behind it, so cute!

Once the 'yolk' of the egg stopped whizzing around, it fizzed on the spot & produced orange foam.

This then mixed with the white foam from the 'shell' of the egg & turned the water to an orangy white marble colour.

The final surprise of all was when the 'yolk' had finished fizzing & produced lots of golden glitter! I came out the bath shimmering! : )

I have to say, I loved this bomb! It was so fun & smelt gorgeous. It's a mixture of orangy flowers & lemon in my opinion. The only downside is you have to wash out the bath after using it as all the glitter gets stuck on the bottom & sides. It cost £2.99 from Lush. I'm definitely getting this one again.

Anyone tried this one before & loved it as much as me? : )


  1. OMG thanks for this post! I didn't know what this was before and now im gonna try and buy some bath bombs! :D:D

    visit me if you can !

  2. Fun!!! If I liked baths (I'm a shower girl) I'd totally get one!

  3. How cool is that? It looks like fun...I want to try it lol.

  4. Never heard of it but definitely going to try it! I love all the lush stuff x

  5. That bomb looks so fun, I haven't brought any from lush for ages, think I might have to treat myself x

  6. i love your reach for the stars quote!

    i adore lush but i also started using another brand that cost only $3 for a large 8oz size bath bombs and then i can afford to buy a lot more of them because I want one every night! it's and they are so good, too!

  7. I've had it before and love the smell! x hivenn

  8. it looks amazing! I really love floating island. Looks like I better get down to lush :) x

  9. This looks so amazing! I've still never bought anything from Lush (I know!), but I'm definitely going to go and get one of these on my next trip to Leeds :)

  10. Wow! That looks amazing Cat! I need to get me one of those and try it out :) xx ps: I just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog posts, they always make me smile :) xxx

  11. haha, thank you !
    This looks really awesome (:

  12. Wow, this looks amazing! I definitely need to try out some Lush bath bombs! Your posts always leave me wanting to try one!


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