Monday, 11 July 2011

Rosy, Emma & Me

So Marley & Me was on tv last night. I've managed to avoid watching that film ever since it came out but my friend insisted on watching it last night. (I hate you Leia!) ;D

Anyway, I started crying way before Marley actually died.. I think I find animals dying more depressing than humans.. weird isn't it. I guess I've always grown up surrounded by animals, domestic & agricultural. So, without being too depressing for a Monday, I want to dedicate this post to my two dogs, Rosy & Emma.

Warning: This is quite a sad story girls, I totally understand if you want to skip today's post!

Rosy (Left) Emma (right) The flash made their eyes look scary! Haha

So let's start with Rosy. We rescued her when I was 7 years old from Last Chance, a local animal rescue centre. She had kennel cough when we adopted her, so she was kept in a separate place to the other dogs because we were told it was slightly contagious for the other animals. We'd looked right round the kennels & there were mostly larger dogs & we asked if they had a slightly smaller dog & we were introduced to Rosy. When she was let out of her cage, she ran around madly, running under the curtains to try & make us laugh. We decided then & there we had to have her. Because she is a cross breed, we have no idea exactly what breed she was, but we know she had Cairn Terrier in her. We couldn't take her home that day, but two days later, my mum picked me up from school & Rosy was sitting in the passenger seat of the car next to her. I was instantly attached.

& now onto Emma. Emma was a Boxer dog. This was my favourite breed of dog when I was younger & when my mum came home one day after going to the vets saying a Boxer dog was homeless & needed fostering, my heart lept & I begged my mum to let us have her! Because she was only brought in the day before we had her, we had to foster her for a week & if nobody claimed her, we could have her. My mum had to go into the vets everyday, hoping nobody had come in to say she was theirs. Luckily, it got to a week & nobody had been in touch so she became our second beautiful dog. I think I was around 10 or 11 when we got her. We think she was around 6 when we adopted her & Boxers don't usually live much longer than 10, so we tried to give her the best life possible while we could. Sadly, about two months before she died, she got a lump on her side. We took her to the vets, they removed it, but shortly after another one came. They were cancerous & we were told they would keep coming back - no matter how many times they operated on. We had to make the decision to have her put down in the end. She stayed happy right till the last second when we said goodbye. I remember having to go to school that morning & saying goodbye to her before I left. It broke my heart but I know it was for the best. She didn't suffer but you could tell she was ready to leave us. 

We sadly lost Rosy 2 & a half years ago to old age & Emma died 4 / 5 years ago now, but they both had an amazing life with us.

Both our dogs are buried in the garden & each Spring, new flowers pop up next to them. I'm so grateful for them being around when they were. Coming home to a dog wagging it's tail at you, smiling & generally so happy to see you - it's the best thing in the world.

Sorry this is such a depressing post! Haha. I promise the next one will be alot happier! Hope you're all well. xx


  1. Aww this actually brought tears to my eyes (not a good look at work haha). Though I've never had dogs (more of a cat person, though I do adore my boyfriend's family's dogs) I so know what you mean, it's lovely coming home to a friendly face. And I've always been one to cry when animals die in films, it's definitely worse than people! xx

  2. This post totally made me cry!!

    Firstly because you are a beautiful person for adopting strays. I would NEVER buy a pet because there are so many out there waiting for us to save them.

    And your doggies are beautiful, and I am sure they are happily watching over you in heaven. ♥♥

    BTW I cried like a mad person after watching Marley & Me... not a good show for an animal lover like me. :(

    The Cat Hag

  3. cutie puppies! i have a dog too
    liking your blog

  4. it's so wonderful that their story and legacy lives on through your blog post, so thank you for sharing ^___^

    p.s. i think christina grimmie does amazing covers, especially her paramore one

  5. aww... emma looks so cute with the eyes!


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