Friday, 29 July 2011

Vlog #4 - New Look, Primark & Select Clothing Haul

Mornin' girls!

Another vlog post today. It's just got a few items I've picked up from Primark, New Look & Select Clothing. I'll do some outfit posts soon, my mum or boyfriend are never around when I'm decent enough to take photos of! Typical eh? : )
I'm off to town today with Cathy, then out for my friend's birthday tonight. No idea what to wear though. I really really really want some black wedges.. so badly. Somebody buy me some?

OH YEAH! Anyone else finding Blogger a pain today? I'm trying to go onto your blogs & some of them aren't loading at all, just comes up with a blank page. Argh. When it lets me read your posts, I'll be all over them again. PROMISE. ; D


  1. Owl ring, owl ring!! Yay! So cute :-D

    Em xx

  2. The top from select is actually really nice!

    Your comment "you shouldn't wear table cloths" made me chuckle :)

  3. I love watching your videos!:). I loved all the pieces you bought, Primark has some great bits recently. Your boyfriend kind of has a point about colour blocking but I can't help buying everything colourful in sight! ;D


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