Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Hi girls, I've just got back from walking my dogs with one of my best girls. I always find it so relaxing, having a chatter & walking through the fields in the sunshine, wind blowing in our hair.. Haha! : )

When Cathy arrived this morning, she came armed with jacket potato's, baked beans & Cosmo! Haha. Did you know Cosmo are giving away three different nail varnishes this month? MissChievous Coral, MissTique Teal & MissTaken Orange, you get one per magazine. It's quite a good deal, they are retailing for £5 each. Cathy bought the MissChievous Coral. She painted it on when we got back & decided it wasn't her colour so gave it to me. Wasting no time, I've already put it on!

What do you think? It's quite hard to describe the exact colour.. I thought it was a cross between red & pink where my Mum said red & orange. What colour would you say it was?

Also, pop over to Missguided's website, they sell clothes, accessories & cosmetics & have a sale on at the moment, 75% off! I'm defiantly going to have a rummage through tomorrow. (My first day off in a week! Yay!)

Hope you're all well, I've had a read of half of your blogs today & going to catch up on the other half either tomorrow or Thursday. Oh & hello to all my new followers! If you have Facebook, why pop over to my page & visit me there too. : )


  1. I love that color. I'd say it was red-orange. Which just happens to be one of my favorite colors! haha!

  2. That's a lovely summery colour x

  3. I just got this yesterday and I can't wait to use it! It looks so pretty! x

  4. oh wow this is a really pretty colour- hmmm i would say coral+red? xx

  5. it's a lovely colour on you! x

  6. Love this color!
    And the bottle too :D


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