Sunday, 2 October 2011

Chinos & A Sausage

Morning girls. : )

It's another gorgeous day in the UK, I'm making the most of it before scooting off to work. Colin Fry is performing tonight & we had Leslie Grantham (Dirty Den to all you Eastenders fans!) performing in a show over the last few days. He came up to me on Friday night & asked if I had a letter for him. I spent a good couple of minutes looking round the office for a envelope addressed to Dirty Den! LOL.

Anyway, this is the outfit I wore shopping the other day. I only have one pair of chinos, not really sure if I'm a fan or not. Don't get me wrong, I love them, just not sure if there for me. : )

Chinos - Primark
Vest top - Primark
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Rings - New Look & Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets - Old (unknown)
Nails - MUA - Shade 9

I love all the gorgeous brown & gold shades that come out when Autumn arrives. So simple & pretty.

I wore this outfit with a blazer (because it was surprisingly a lot cooler earlier this week) which is also from Primark!

Hope you're all having an amazing day! : )


  1. I loveee your blazer sweetie!!

    your blog is lovely, i´m following. check out mine and follow if you like <3


  2. thanks :)

    let´s keep in touch <3

  3. Your outfit is soo nice!! I love your chinos!! and thanks for the comment, and i was expecting it to get really cold soon hahah :) shouldnt be too quick about bringing my summer clothes back out!!

  4. Love the chinos, they do really suit ou but I know what you mean, it's hard trying something different when you're used to one thing. I remember the first time I tried on skinnies I scoffed at my reflection - now they're pretty much the only jean I wear!

  5. Hey:) You have so cute dog:) love him <3 I like your blog, so I follow you and feel free for do the same if you will like my blog ;) xoxo, Medo

  6. This looks so lovely, love your blazer xx

  7. I feel the same about chinos! I have one pair and they seem to have run away from me, whoops! Everyone at my Sixth Form wears them everyday, I just can't get on board with this trend, my legs are waaaaaaaay too stumpy! ;-).

  8. That pic of you and your doggie is just love, awwwwwwwwww!

    Perfect pic to brighten up my Monday! ♥

    The Cat Hag
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  9. cute outfit :) looove your rings! i don't have any chinos, but i want some! but i'd probably be the same, not sure if they were 'me'. but they really suit you! hope you're feeling better now!



  10. Nice pants!

  11. Ahh! Best photo ever! (you know which one I'm talking about). :P

    It's funny how people say that dogs look like their owners cause Honey definitely bares a resemblance to you. :) Not saying that you look like a dog or anything, it's more that Honey looks like a lady hehe. x


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