Monday, 17 October 2011

Leicester, Robots & Mushrooms

Hello girls! How are you all?

Firstly, I want to say a massive hello to all my new followers! So nice to meet you all.

& I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to blog in Leicester, our week was jam-packed! I got back yesterday after a 4 hour journey, only to collapse on my bed for a hours nap, then went straight out the door to work. So yeah, I've had a busy couple of days!

Thought I'd show you a couple of snap shots from our long weekend.

Clockwise from top left: my anniversary card from Gords, my present - a Cath Kidston bag!! our tickets to Real Steel & the 'NOM' sticker which was on our nachos.

It was our 2 & a half year anniversary on Friday & we spent the day playing Fifa, then went out for a meal at Nando's & finally went to see Real Steel (the new Hugh Jackman film) in the evening. It was sooo good. I can't believe he bought me a Cath Kidston bag either, how awesome is my boy!?

Sorry this is such a mushy, relationship-y post. I just hate only getting to see him every 3 weeks again now he's back at uni, so when I do, I try to make the most of it.

Hope you're all well girls, I'm trying to catch up on your blogs before I go to work, if I don't get through them all, I'll read the rest tomorrow. : )


  1. Thank you !
    yeah, I often go through the old clothes of my parents / grandparents, haha (:
    Seems you had a nice trip !

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time girl :) cute bag!

    *sam ;)

  3. very sweet...sounds like you guys had a wonderful time :)



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