Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ann's Guest Post

Hello girls! So if these schedulaed posts are working, it should be Tuesday 6th September & I'll be starting my second week of holiday tomorrow! I'm probably burnt to a crisp already.. don't worry.. I'll take photos to show you evidence. ; D

Right so my third guest poster, is Ann from An Eye Of Inspiration. She came across my blog after reading my introductory post of Rach's blog, So, hi. Please show her some love & supoort & check out her blog!


My blog consists of my very random train of thought. I never really know when I'm going to blog but when I do usually it doesn't really have a purpose because like I said, my mind is always wandering without a destination in thought. I like to tell people my thoughts, so a few months ago I decided maybe making a blog would help clear my mind abit. And well its does so I guess its a win win. Anyway, my name is Ann and I guess I could fill you all in on a bit about myself.

I've lived in a small town pretty much all my life. Its really uneventful and gets WAY to much snow in the winter time, we had up to 8.5 ft in my front yard last winter. Guess we'll see what this winter brings....

For fashion... I'm a little un-educated on all that fancy stuff. Usually I get tips from friends or by reading fellow blog's so I don't seem so clueless. And well its helped. However I like to make my own style, and dress how I want to dress. That being said my style is casual. Although, that doesn't mean I dress all frumpy, I do like to show of how beautiful I can be.

My favourite colour is green, I'm from Canada, and I don't care what's going on around me as long as I'm happy! My favourite food is spaghetti, and I love popsicles and cheesecake for a dessert. Separately of course.

I've worn glasses for most of my life, and if I don't have them on I'm useless.. and literally walk into things. I've already tripped up the stairs before spilling a drink every where. Which brings me to say, I am far to clumsy. I'm always spilling and dropping things. But thats alright because I usually end up laughing about it hehe.

I love to do creative writing, because its an endless string of opportunity and no one can tell you if your telling the story wrong.

And well, thats all I can think of for the moment, if I continue I may end up rambling more than I already have... :) Have a great day everyone! xx


Thankyou Ann! I'm hopeless without my glasses too. Haha.

Hope you're all well girls, I miss you all!


Thankyou for your lovely comments on my page, please check back as I always reply to you. :)