Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rachel's Guest Post

Heyyy lovelies! So I'm into my second week of holiday, (hopefully getting nice & tanned now..) & I'd like to introduce to you my fourth guest blogger. Her name is Rachel & she blogs over at Cold Knees. Her blog is so cute, I fell in love with it instantly.TAKE IT AWAY RACHEL. : D


A stroll around the Columbia Road Flower Market-

An icon part of London (some of the traders have been there for over fifty years!) but I'd never actually been before, despite living in London my entire life. So this Sunday me and by boyfriend went along, hoping to find a few things to brighten up our new flat. We ended up with Sunflowers (one of my favourite flowers :), Everlastings (sort of dried flowers which we hope will live up to their name!), a little Lavender plant and a Red Chilli plant (for my mum). The last two were only £2 each! It's definitely far cheaper than going to an Interflora type place. And half the fun is in browsing and seeing who has the best deals- the traders shout out all sorts of funny things to grab your attention too (some examples: "‘Good morning, gardeners. What a lovely day! If it’s raining it’s just an illusion" , "Help yourself, pay for them of course’‘, "Pick out what you like or what you don’t like"... ). It gets very crowded, but definitely go around 1.30-2pm as it's near the end so you'll get the best deals! There's cute gardening shops, pubs and cafes as well in the area (Hoxton Overground station is nearest).

My sunglasses are from Topshop :)

And of course peeps are welcome to check out my blog ;)


Thankyou Rachel. : )

I love finding little vintage markets & stalls around London, so adorable. ♥


  1. I've never actually been to Columbia Road flower market either - despite living a walking distance away! These pics have def made me want to check it out though - lovely post. x

  2. looks like a fab market to visit!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  3. Wonderful photos, fabulous you in your sun glasses and flowers.

  4. Oh I miss London! And sunflowers are my favorite flowers so this post rules!

  5. Ohh, what truly beautiful photographs <3 Sunflowers are my absolute favourite!

    Lost in the Haze

  6. lovely post lady. Sunflowers are the greatest. good choice

  7. Lovely pictures Rachel. That one of someone wearing a wolf's head is mad!!


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