Friday, 16 September 2011


Morning lovelies, how are you all today?

This is my favourite photo of our holiday & I'm proud to say it's just one of those random photos that we had no idea would even come out in focus or anything. My camera was perched on a bench on self-timer & it was so sunny we couldn't see if the little light had even gone off to take the picture or not, so we were just randomly posing. ANYWAY. This was taken near out little beach we went to about 5 or 6 times during our holiday. It was gorgeous & surprisingly quiet, I don't think many people went to it as it was quite small & there was a larger one just round the corner, but we loved it. The small, quiet ones are the best. : )

We were actually really lucky, the sun was out for the whole two weeks, except two days where it poured with rain. And yes, I mean poured! How silly is it that most roads don't have drains in Spain because they don't get rain often, but when they do, it totally floods! -sigh- Apart from that, the sun shone the whole time (being from the UK, it's the most awesome feeling ever to be able to go out in the morning without a coat stuffed in your bag just in case the weather changes it's mind half way through the day, which it usually does).

Apart from spending days at the beach & the pool outside Gordon's Dad's apartment, we ventured north up to Benidorm & to this little village that was so old-fashioned, they don't have any roads so you have to walk everywhere. It was really high up in the mountains, with some amazing views.

I know my tan looks totally weird, how brown are my legs & my body's like, white!? Hahaha! It's honestly not that bad, my legs are slightly darker, but it's not as noticeable in real life as it is in these photos!

We also went to the neighbouring town to us called Torrevieja, they do the nicest ice creams ever. I was annoyed because I forgot to bring my camera that night, I would have got some amazing photos too because there was a fair & small market going on at 11pm at night! It was totally buzzzzzin' !

But yeah, we didn't do much else except sunbathe & read. I started reading the book One Day, yes I know I'm totally behind on this craze, but after watching the film, it made me want to read the book, so I am. Seriously though, I had such a good time & it went sooo quick, I can't believe I'm home already. I'm really sad as well, you know that feeling you get when you come home & you miss everything about your holiday instantly? I had that yesterday, not so bad today though. And I'm dreading next week. Gords' goes back to uni on Friday & I hate saying goodbye to him, but I'm hopefully going up to visit him in a few weeks time, it just seems to weird, spending all of two weeks together, then not seeing him for ages. Have I mentioned I hate uni's?!

Oh & it's my parents' anniversary next week, so I'm taking them to a show tonight at my work. It's a Phil Collins Tribute band. He's quite an old singer, used to be in a band called Genesis. His voice is amazing & we went to see the tribute maybe, two or three years ago & it was amazing, so really excited about that tonight.

I start work again tomorrow, I'm looking forward to catching up with the girls with some tea & biscuits & showing off my tan. Haha, apart from that, TAKE ME BACK TO SPAIN PLEASE!? That is all. : )


  1. oh my gosh! looks like so much fun! i love your outfit too! so cute. :)

    love, rach.

  2. Such a super fabulous entry, the photos are so picturesque and out of this world!

    I am loving your couple shots, you two look so good together. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. Lovely photos! Sounds like you had a great time :) xx

  4. wow looks like you had an amazing time!! the water looks so turquoise and i love your first photo it's brilliant :)



  5. The first photo is awesome, it looks beautiful there. HOw fun!!! :)


  6. You are so cute! Oh my, I would love to go there. Look at those beautiful

    Nice to meet you! Awesome blog :)

  7. thank you for your lovely comment :D
    i know i always used to balance my camera on a box or something, so a tripod is much better! one like this i bought -


  8. Yeah, they were amazing live !
    And these photo's look so nice (:

  9. well happy homecoming Cat! gosh, i'm really appreciative of you coming by to visit me so soon after getting back. what a seriously sweet note you left, thank you!

    now then, for your 1st Spain share i'm over the moon with head spins about it all. the views from those gorgeous vistas just can't be beat. um, hello future new header potential (?) with the 1st b/w shot, it's magnificent!!! all you gotta do is photoshop your little hand into that pocket and you're all set : )

    2 days of rain isn't a biggy, you got max sun shine and it looks like heaven from each and every angle. vacays always go by like a flash, i hear that but it's sure something to see some of what you two got up to. boo-urns, he really has to leave so soon afterwards?! no wonder you've got a bit of the sads over it, sux total. i'm sure you'll make the most of this free time before starting back to the real world stuff. love Genesis and PC, bet that was a riot for your folks. nice one! happy weekend. ♥

  10. aww I lovee your first couple shot! and you have a tan, all ready for summer! :D xx misstea & co.


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