Thursday, 22 September 2011

Guzzle Puzzle

I want to tell you a story about these sweets.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching tv with Gordon & an advert for these came on. We sat in silence until it had finished & when it had, we turned to each other with huge smiles on our faces & just went "omg, we have to get some of these!" If you haven't seen the advert, you can watch it here. It's not that exciting to be honest, but being the couple that we are, we made it our mission to get these sweets.

This happened about 2 days before we went to Spain & being the forgetful people that we are, we had totally forgotten to buy these until at the airport, sitting waiting for our delayed flight when I suddenly remembered & we spent the next half an hour, walking around trying to find them. We tried W H Smiths & other sweet shops, but nothing.

Seeing the advert in Spain (his Dad could pick up some of the English channels on his tv) was just torture. You have no idea. So, after 2 weeks of being away, we came home & had totally forgotten (again) to buy some.

Yesterday was the last day we got to spend together as Gordon goes to uni tomorrow so I had to say goodbye to him this morning (mega sad face) but we decided to go shopping yesterday to get him some new jeans & me.. just some more clothes & accessories. We got home & I suddenly shouted at him, whilst watching the Seven Dwarfs documentary on 4od, we'd forgotten the Guzzle Puzzles again. We immediately trekked to Tesco, hoping to find some, & guess what.. WE DID! Finallllly. So we got 2 packets each, paid & went back to the car to eat them. It was a momentous moment, as we both fitted the two sweets together & chewed. Silence. Then..


Hahaha - they actually weren't that bad, but you know, if you'd been fantasising about these amazing flavours for so long & all you got was the taste of an every day Haribo, it kinda makes you a little sad to say the least.

Well there you go. The story of the Guzzle Puzzles. (If you've read all of that story I'm so proud of you..!)

On to more exciting news, like I said, I did go shopping yesterday & will have a couple of hauls coming up soon. : D YAY. Hope you're all well.


  1. Hahaha! That is so something I would do! Have you checked out my latest post yet? You should!

  2. I hate when that happens; you're looking forward to something for so long and it's just a major disappointment! I love that advert - "just marry yourselves together!" Haha!

    xo Samantha Grace

  3. LMAO! This is hilarious!!! There are SOOO many times when me and my hubs have done this over something we saw on TV. Especially with me being pregnant, I want anything GOOD I SEE!!!! LOL, I was actually wanting some of these Guzzle Puzzles as I was reading until the "THESE ARE CRAP" came up! LOOOOL. Thanks for making me chuckle, love!!<3

  4. I nearly bought some of these the other day but refrained, chose good old Skittles instead :) xx

  5. I've been looking for these in the shops for ages but can't find them! Really wanted to try them after seeing the (totally inappropriate to show in the daytime!) adverts xx

  6. ha ha ha oh no! that's awful when you've been building something up in your head for ages and then it's nothing like you expected! aw i hope saying goodbye to your boyfriend wasn't too difficult :)




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