Friday, 2 September 2011

Gentri's Guest Post

Hello lovelies! So I'm on day 2 of my holiday, (hopefully enjoying the sun on a gorgeously hot beach!) I'd like to introduce you to my first guest blogger, Gentri. She is absolutely amazing, I fell in love with her blog as soon as I read her first post. She goes on some of the best adventures, so.. without further delay.. TAKE IT AWAY GENTRI. : D


Hello readers of Cat's fabulous blog! My name is Gentri and I blog over at "Gentri Lee". I am so excited to have this opportunity to guest post while Cat's off enjoying beautiful Spain! The lucky lady! So instead of getting TOO jealous of her awesome vacation, I decided to tell you about the top 5 ways I like to PRETEND I'm on vacation, while I'm really just a few minutes from home. :)

1. My Family's Cabin. WOW. This place is absolutely amazing. My great grandfather bought this mountain back in the day and it's been in the family ever since. I'm convinced that this place is magical. The scenery is absolutely breath taking. It has a natural spring that provides THE freshest drinking water (including plumbing. My dad's a genius) known to man. We've had it tested! ;)

2. Most people have heard of or seen the movie "UP". But, have you heard about THIS before? Some awesome people actually made the house from the movie and made it fly! Well, it now resides a few minutes from where I live!! I was able to go see it for the first time the other day. Being the Disney fanatic that I am, I absolutely fell in love with it!

3. Every winter some friends of mine build ICE CASTLES just half an hour away from where I live! They're absolutely magnificent! You can walk through the pathways and when it's still cold enough- even up on the bridges!

4. Every spring the Krishna temple holds the Festival of Colors! Basically it's a the way they celebrate the coming of Spring. There's live music and a "chalk" throw every hour. The chalk is scented and vibrantly colored powder that you throw anywhere an everywhere!

5. Last but not least- The Heber Creeper. This is a train that runs up the canyon. During the holidays they change it up to themed rides that are a blast! During Christmas they have the "Polar Express" and of course at Halloween it's haunted! My bff and I went last year and had so much fun! We laughed and screamed the entire time. :)

There are MANY other things I love to do in my hometown but I didn't want to make you too jealous. ;) I hope you enjoyed my top 5 and were able to be whisked away for a few minutes. What magical things do you do in your hometown when you need a "getaway"??

Thank you so much for reading! I'd love for you guys to visit me at my normal spot "Gentri Lee"! :D And thank you Cat for letting me guest post! Hope your trip is WONDERFUL!

Have an awesome day everyone!!



Thankyou so much Gentri, I'll definitely be posting about my holiday when I get back! & guys, what are you waiting for!? Check her blog out now. : D


  1. Oh my, I want to move there right away, how many cool things/places going on there?! The cabin seems amazing, beautiful scenery! Will be checking out your blog for sure :) xx

  2. did I not know that you live so close to me??
    And can I pretty please go to your family cabin?? haha!
    And I am totally going to those ice castles this winter. I didn't learn about these until it was too late this past winter :(
    AND where is that UP house?? I neeeeed to see it!

  3. hi Cat, just coming over from Gentri's space to read her post and also wanted to wish you all wonderfuls for your amazing sounding trip!

    pretend vacay's is such a fab topic and i love these short stories about each one you've transported yourself to. i saw your "UP" post and about died over the insane amount of cuteness that you captured. each and every one of these places looks like such fun, little cabin on the hillside would be a perfect place to find serenity and a proper bathroom ; ) it's a must have for me - baha!

    i've ALWAYS wanted to go to a festival of colors, those snaps are epic lades, heaven on earth is what. ♥

  4. i love these photo mash-ups they look brilliant! and looks like loads of fun :p




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