Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sailor Shoes

I totally forgot to blog about these flip flops before I went on holiday!

I got them from Primark a couple of months ago, £1 each! I had to get them in the pink & blue,  (being so cheap & pretty) so 2 pairs of shoes for £2! Bargaaain. I love the little boat & anchor attached to the front, only thing I will say is it does sometimes get stuck between your toes & is slightly uncomfortable, but you get used to it. : )

I'm off to meet my girls for lunch in a sec, so sorry this is a short post. I'm going shopping tomorrow, so hopefully they'll be a haul coming up soon. Hope you're all well girls. : )


  1. They're very cute, perfect for holidays! Looking forward to seeing the haul :) x

  2. these are so cute :) and such a bargain!! have a lovely lunch




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