Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Abominaball Snowman

Everyone, say hello to Trevor, the Abominaball Snowman. : )

Cathy bought him for me for Christmas, isn't he adorable? If only my Melting Snowman was still alive, they would have been the best of friends..

New Years Day came, I was sat in my house, about to take a nice hot bath & I just had to kill use him. He is a bath bomb, different from the snowman, who was a bath melt.

This is the Abominaball's story.. you may need tissues.. (he dies at the end..) D:

So, that was quite a short story board there.. but you get the idea. ; )

He left my bath like a blue lagoon, it was gorgeous. There was alot of fine glitter in the water as well, which was just bliss. I came out sutley sparkly & with extra smooth skin. Perfect for New Years Day!

Did you try any of the Christmas Lush range? : )

PS. I hope the Abombinaball's story didn't upset you too much, I assure you his death was short & he didn't suffer. RIP Trevor.


  1. I'm sure Trevor had a very good life and would love to know that he made your bath so pretty. RIP little man x

  2. ha, you are too funny girl! poor trevor ,)
    xo TJ

  3. oh my god how lush is this? it makes bath time so much more fun! over this christmas ive gotten no Lush stuff at all :( Ive been very tempted with everyone blogging so much about the christmas range but I am stuck in my old ways with a nice bar of Dove soap haha

  4. I want one! So cute! :) I’ve passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! (Sorry if you already have it!) I love reading your blog, so here’s a little award :) Check out my post about it >> xxx

  5. Hehehe, poor little Trevor! He definitely turns the water a beautiful colour, wish I'd got my hands on him (oo-err) ! xx

  6. now i must go to lush! <3
    thanks for visiting my blog doll! shall we follow?

  7. Haha, that looks so lovely how it dissolved.

  8. Thank you !
    Wow, I love bathing in colours, haha, it always makes me feel like I'm a mermaid !

  9. I love Lush stuff, and as I only have a shower in my house really miss using bombs! xo

  10. oh the water got really blue!! And it frizzed in such a cute way!!
    I love the comforter pretty much like every other lush lover :p


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