Monday, 23 January 2012

E.L.F Haul #2

You might remember me doing a previous haul from ELF back at the beginning of the month. I love ELF, I can't stress enough how amazing there products are. So here's what I purchased in my last order. : )


Eyeshadow brush.

Foundation brush.

I haven't used either of these brushes yet, but both my eyeshadow & foundation brushes needed replacing so I thought I'd give these a go. Anybody tried the ELF brushes?


Butter Pecan.

Love this product. The browns blend so well together. Make sure you use an eyelid primer underneath as it is a cream eyeshadow. This will stop the colour creasing through-out the day.





I think Charming has to be my favourite of these three shades. It's a pinky / red that applies so easily to your lips.

Nail Varnishes.

Obviously this matte one didn't need a swatch as it's a clear varnish.

Matte Finisher.

Smoky Brown.



Party Purple.

Mint Cream.

I'm currently wearing the Mint Cream, it's such a gorgeous colour. I painted it on 4 days previous to this photo being taken & look.. no chipping! I haven't touched it up at all! Amazing. : )

Happy Monday ladies!


  1. I wish ELF here in Brunei is very cheap, they have high mark-ups of more than 200% here, it's cheaper online than the shop. cuz your hauls made me want to shop and haul a lot of ELF cosmetics.

  2. I have been intending on making an Elf order for the lonest time but keep putting it off for some reason! I really want to try the matte top coat and some of their brushes.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. The nail polishes look gorgeous! xx

  4. i use that same eye shadow brush and its amazing ! most of my previous ones where cheap so this one was a nice change :) also, what does a matte finisher do for your nails? I've never heard of that.. unless its like a regular clear nail polish :P

  5. I've never bought anything from Elf but I get extremely jealous every time I see your posts! That mint green nail varnish looks amazing! Definitely need to get my hands on that! xx

  6. I need to get back on elf when my spending ban ends lol xx

  7. Do excuse me for replying to you all in one comment, Blogger won't let me do individual replies. :(

    Jimmi Lou: Thankyou hun. :)

    Imah Ayub: I hope you're able to get some products soon! They're worth waiting for.

    FrancesCassandra: You should definatley go for it hun! :D

    Rachel: Thankyouuu!

    Ann: The matte finisher basically takes the shine off your nails. It's quite a cool effect, but a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it! I'll do a post on it soon hopefully. :)

    Danielle: You should def order some products babe! :D The mint green is fab!

    Vicky: You doooo. :)


  8. Thank you !
    That mint colour looks beautiful !

  9. great post, love the nail colour!

    I've awarded you the versatile blogger award check my blog (:


  10. Manon: Thankyou hun, love it so much. :)

    Stephhayhoe: Omgosh thankyou so much hun. <3


  11. Hey, I've awarded you the versatile blogger award, check out my blog for details,
    Bex x

  12. I love e.l.f.! The nail varnishes especially are lovely, mint is such a gorgeous colour.


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