Sunday, 1 January 2012

E.L.F Haul

Hello ladies. How are you all?

First post of 2012.. how exciting. : )

Thought I'd show you a few bits I picked up from ELF - I'm sure you've all heard of them before & seen reviews on other blogs. I first heard about them through Becca's channel & knew I just had to make an order. I can't believe how fast they delivered the products! Nice early Christmas present I have to say. : )

So here's what I got. All the products I bought were £1.50.

Firstly, a standard Eyelid Primer:

I really wanted one of these for ages. My last one ran out & I just never bothered to get another. I wear eyeshadow every day so this helps it stay in place & not crease through out the day.

Next, two nail varnishes:

If you read my LBD post, you would have seen this nail varnish featured as one of my favs for Christmas. It is actually a gold topcoat, but I've been wearing it as just a standard nail polish. It's so gorgeous, I love the fact it has a mixture of glitter in it, some large sparkles & some fine ones. So glad I had this in time for Christmas day. : )

And the other nail varnish:

I haven't actually worn this one yet (saving it for my birthday I think!) It's a gorgeous glittery dark navy. Beautiful. : )

Next I thought I'd try the 'all over colour stick'. Again, I bought two colours. First is the Golden Peach:

I was un-sure of the colour sticks, mainly because they are designed for the eyes, lips & face. Waaay too much going on here I think! When I saw this colour, I instantly thought it would look lovely as a cheek tint. It's such a warm colour & smells delicious. I want to eat it..

Next was another colour stick, this time in the colour Persimmon:

This one is slightly pinker than the orangy peach shade. Again, I've been using it on my cheeks as a tint to highlight them. I'm not 100% sold on these two products - but they are quite good for nights out.

Next is a Plumping Lip Glaze. (You can tell I was testing products I've been curious about but never tried before can't you!?)

Two products in one! So this product was a little strange I have to say.. I didn't really know what to expect when I started using it. On the packaging, it says "Clear glaze instantly stimulates lips to create a fuller look & the tinted glaze continues to plump while intensely hydrating." You have to apply the clear gloss first - when I did this I never expected it to be so.. tingly. Silly I know.. it has to make your lips 'fuller' somehow, but it really shocked me. The pink goes on next, but it only adds a very small tint of pink to your lips, it's mostly just a clear gloss. It also smells so strong.. of.. wait for it.. mint. Yes mint. It was like applying a tingly clear toothpaste to my lips. Weird? Yes.

Finally my favourite product I purchased:

Now you all know I love my lippy, but when I saw this colour, I just had to get it. I have a lot of red lipsticks, but they are mostly 'hot' reds not dark ones. This is the most beautiful colour, it applies amazingly well to your lips, is long lasting, doesn't highlight the cracks in my lips & smells delicious! Nothing but praise for this gorgeous lipstick. Definitely going to buy some more from ELF.

So that's it. : )

ELF currently have a 50% off sale - so go check that out! I'm definitely ordering some more products either today or tomorrow.

Hope you're all well girls. Make sure you check out my sponsor page if you haven't already. : )


  1. I've heard of alot of people using this brand but never tried it myself, What amazing prices! I'm going to check them out now and pray they do international delivery, Its so annoying being away from home and not having the access to certain stores and brands!

  2. the red lipstick is gorgeous x

  3. Lovely purchases. I keep meaning to order from elf!

  4. Since moving to the USA I decided to try ELF out because it's so cheap [$1] - while I love their sparkle nail varnish that I got in a set - the rest of their varnishes I really have issues with, even after a hour they still aren't fully dry. I really could rant about it but I'll save you from that lol

  5. Eye primers are the best, I haven't tried this so I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts!

    Happy 2012!


  6. happy new years love!
    i love elf too! <3

  7. wow amazing buys! I've always wanted to buy elf stuff, never had any before and seen so many bloggers giving it so much praise. I'm on the website now!! heehee. hope you had a brilliantly lovely christmas, and happy new year :):):)



  8. Nice haul! Think I might have to try that primer out, heard such good things about it. Hope you have a lovely new year! (:

  9. oo those nail polishes are oolala.

    happy happy new year.

  10. LOVE the lipstick, looks amazing! xx


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